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7 superfoods in every spoonful

High in copper and omega-3 fatty acids

Source of protein to build and maintain muscle mass

Perfect for adding to porridge or yogurt

Organic, gluten-free, kosher and vegan


Key ingredients


Chia Seeds: Unlike other grain crops such as rice, oats, wheat and corn, chia seeds are relatively low in carbohydrates - only around 7% of their dry weight.


Hemp Seeds: Cold processed, our organic hemp seeds have a slightly nutty flavour.


Sprouted Buckwheat: Crisp and delicate, our raw buckwheat sprouts have been carefully selected from seed, germinated and then gently dehydrated to create this fantastic savoury treat.

Naturya Breakfast Boost Superseed Crunch

SKU: HB-85633
  • Naturya

  • 150g