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Nurtured in nutrient rich organic soil, it drinks from irrigated water drawn from deep down, free from fertilisers and pesticides.


The young wheatgrass seedlings are hand-cut and carefully cleaned 9 times, with only the finest quality blades selected for processing. These are dried thoroughly before using freezing air to crush them into a fine powder. From field to finished product in less than an hour, all the nutrients found in the fresh grass are preserved.


Grown outside in natural sunlight, on fertile soil, our organic wheatgrass assimilates rich minerals and nutrients from the ground, while the simple sugars stored in the leaves can be converted into complex carbohydrates, which release energy more slowly when digested.

Monitored throughout growth, it’s cut just at the ‘jointing stage’, when the intermodal tissues begin to elongate, forming the stem of the adult wheat plant. By harvesting new leaf blades at this point in their development, all of the carbohydrate energy, chlorophyll and amino acids which have accumulated in preparation for the plant’s transition from a vegetative to reproductive phase can be extracted.


After jointing the nutrient stores are diverted from the leaves towards reproduction and producing grain, so it’s vital the wheatgrass is harvested within this short window. In the period after jointing the pliant young leaf blades are replaced by tough cellulose fibres, which give the mature wheat plant structure. This increase in cellulose synthesis corresponds to a sharp drop in chlorophyll levels, as the photosynthetic activity of the plant declines.


  • One serving packs in over a third of your recommended daily intake of iron
  • High in protein and fibre
  • Energises the body and supports the immune system
  • Source of vitamin A which nourishes the skin
  • Organic, gluten-free, kosher and vegan

Naturya Organic Wheatgrass Powder

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  • Naturya

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