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A cinnamon based tablet with natural herbal extracts and nutrients


A working digestion function and normally working mucosa membranes, with a balances bacteria and yeast fauna is important to prevent digestion difficulties, discomfort and a bloated bowel. Intake of sugar, wheat and yeast can provoke a shift in the bacteria and yeast balance in the mouth, throat and bowel. dida™ is a cinnamon based tablet with a combination extract of herbs and niacin. Cinnamon, fennel and peppermint oil helps preserve normal digestion function and prevents acute bloating and flatulence. Niacin contributes to maintaining normal mucosa membranes.


  • If you suffer with excessive flatulence and bloating of the tummy, which is influencing your everyday life.
  • Fed up of digestion problems that make you feel unwell and in discomfort.
  • Want to reduce that bloated feeling allowing you to restore confidence and control.

New Nordic Dida Tablets

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